465 10th St #206 San Francisco

Home Description

This loft is a beautiful mix of elegance and modern design – 2BD & 2BA Beautiful hardwood and loft is carpet. Walls and Ceilings natural cement. Lighting: Abundance of natural light, Incandescent recessed & track lighting.
Kitchen: Concrete counter-top, stainless steel sink, SS appliances. Custom Island with storage and wine caddie. Bathrooms: Kohler fixtures and shower/tubs, natural stone shower/tub surround. WebPass/Google internet access is operative in the unit. Laundry in closet and parking included.

    • Sq Ft 1609
    • Live/Work Use
    • Kitchen: Gas Range, Hood over range, garbage disposal, island
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Renting a room house
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$1750/mo for SoMa co-owned Home

  • 1063 sqft 2BR 2BA
  • Purchase price less than $487,500 each  downpayment $24,000
  • $1750 monthly payments with 2 HomeSavvy Co-owners
  • Expecting profit given market appreciation overtime

$1750 in mortgage payment vs $3500 monthly cost
After first year, yearly cost $21,000 vs $45,000

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