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Goodbye Rent, Hello Home Ownership!

Buy the home you want at a price you can afford today

Tired of crazy rental and home prices? Through co-buying, we make it easy and affordable for all to own a home, even in expensive cities like San Francisco. So, grab your roomies, buddies, and BFFs, and together let’s make the dream of home ownership a reality today.

Turn your housemate into a co-owner and break down the barriers to buying a home


With only 0-5% down and most mortgage payments cheaper than rent – we’re talking major savings


We’ll walk you through the entire process, taking the guesswork out of home buying


We protect you from any potential issues that could arise and provide an official structure for co-mortgaging and reselling


Stop wasting money on rent and start building equity in your own home in a convenient, risk-free way

Our team of real estate brokers, lawyers & mortgage providers has over 30 years of experience managing more than $700 million in real estate, and hasn’t had a single default on a co-owned mortgage.


Our risk-free process shields you from the worries of co-buying a home.  If one buyer experiences financial trouble or defaults, you and your credit are protected.

Your New Home is a Few Clicks Away – Sign Up For Our Free Concierge Service Now!

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