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HomeSavvy – Where Renters become Home Owners

Tired of San Francisco’s rental and home prices?
We make it more affordable for all to own.

Home Savvy brings a unique way to affordably own in the city

Enabling you to own a home in the city for cheaper than your rent

We lower your barrier to home ownership including down-payments by 50% or more.
HomeSavvy reduces the years it takes to save for a down payment by half – enabling many to own Today.
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Renting a room house

You could own a home far sooner than expected regardless of SF home prices

We enable you to legally and risk-free co-own a home with a friend or friendly housemate.
Enabling you to turn your monthly rent costs to cheaper ownership payments that build equity.
Rent or Own through Home Savvy

Free White Glove Concierge Service

We find you a co-ownable home, condo, apartment and a great house mate to match, Free.

What is Home Savvy?

Home Savvy is a unique way for renters and first time buyers to purchase and own their first home now

Looking for Cheap San Francisco Rent

Safe Secure Convenient

We base our Savvy Homes on TICs (Tenancy in Common). TICs have been in use for co-ownership for over 25+ years in San Francisco.

Home Ownership over Renting

Home Ownership at the Fraction of the Price

Each co-owner is only responsible for their respective share including their mortgage. Meaning they pay a fraction of the home with monthly costs drastically reduced.

Free Concierge Service with Home Savvy

Best Part – It’s Free

Home Savvy facilities this process including finding the perfect friendly co-owner for Free.

Free Concierge Service by Home Savvy – Sign Up Now

We take care of your entire buying experience

Home Savvy brings a unique way to affordably own in the city

Home Savvy is a unique way for renters and first time home buyers to purchase and own their first home now

We provide a unique way to own now and get around the high prices of homes in expensive cities like the San Francisco Bay Area

HomeSavvy’s unique structure provides a special type of home in which two or more individuals can own independently of one another

Enabling us to half your mortgage payments, and half your down payment enabling anyone who is renting to afford a home now.

Own Together

Home Savvy works via co-buying, two individuals buying a home together, thus splitting in half the monthly mortgage payments making it far cheaper than rent

The Ideal Way to Own

You own a home with a friend as if you owned by yourself, independent of each other’s financial situation, enabling you to sell your share independently at anytime

Security and Convenience

We partner with the most reputable firms in the home buying process, so our free concierge service can deliver the best home and co-owner

How It Works

HomeSavvy Concierge

Save an incredible amount

We reduce not only the down payment by at least 50% but also monthly mortgage payments! Meaning you potentially could afford to stop the cycle of wasting money on rent and buy a home now with Home Savvy

You can afford to own

You can afford in SF with as little as $35k saved and the entire process is free to you via Home Savvy. Let our free concierge agents show you

Enabling Homeownership for All

We use a special structure that enables you to own a home with your own mortgage with your own space and sell when you can.

The Status Quo

You may waste over $120,000+ on rent 

How much are You expecting to throw away on rent before purchasing a home?

In an area similar to San Francisco:

12+ Years it takes a person to come up with a 20% down payment
4 Years to spend over $120,000 of savings at SF’s average rent
40% of income is directed toward rent

Home Savvy lowers the cost barrier to home ownership enables you to stop throwing away money 

Renting a room house

Buy, Own or Sell just like any home

We work with the top trusted firms from banks to lawyers to mortgage providers and insurance companies
Our Free Concierge service is here to help you find your home and co-buyer
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