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How We Make Homes Affordable For Renters

Learn how you can be financially savvy 

If you are renting you can afford to buy the Home Savvy way


HomeSavvy provides a safe and secure way to co-buy to drastically reduce living costs. With a drastically lowered monthly payment expense, most renters can afford to buy even for short time periods.

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Be financially Savvy

We turn Renters into Owners

By co-buying with a safe and verified savvy home-mate you not only halve your home price but your mortgage as well – drastically reducing your monthly payments far below average rent payments.

Our concierge service finds you ideal verified co-owners

$1750 for SoMa co-owned Home

  • 1063 sqft 2BR 2BA 2 Co-owners
  • Purchase price less than $487,500 each  downpayment $24,000
  • $1750 monthly payments
  • Expecting profit given market appreciation overtime

$1750 in mortgage payment vs $3500 monthly cost
After first year, yearly cost $21,000 vs $45,000

Safe and Reliable

Tenancy in Common have been bought and sold for 25+ years by savvy renters turn homeowners

Reputable Partners

We work with only the most banks, agents and institutions to take care of your mortgage to your home

 Re-sell Anytime

It’s the perfect substitute to renting. Keep your money by investing. Let us show you how

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We take care of your entire buying experience

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