If you are Renting you can afford to own the Home Savvy way


Renting is not Savvy

We Bring Affordability to Everyone

We drastically reduce the downpayment required to own a home.
Because you only need a fraction of a traditional mortgage, your
monthly payments are well below average rent costs in the city

Be financially Savvy

If you are renting in SF you can own Today

It’s well known mortgage payments are cheaper than monthly rent, it’s the downpayment that is a barrier, because we reduce the barrier with a safe and secure verified home-mate, you split the downpayment requirements and only pay monthly payments based on a fraction of the regular mortgage.

Stop renting start owning
Be financially Savvy

Stop throwing away money on rent

Get in touch with us, it’s free for buyers. We’ll show you how you can be financially savvy today and own in the city.

Start owning – $1650 per month

  • Nob Hill 850 sqft 2BR 2BA 2 Co-owners $1650
  • Home price downpayment $24,000
  • $1650 monthly mortgage payments
  • Expecting profit given market appreciation overtime

$1650 in mortgage payment vs $3500 monthly cost
After first year, yearly cost $19,800 vs $45,000!

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We take care of your entire buying experience

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