The Future Of Home Ownership

Tired of San Francisco’s rental and home prices?
We make it more affordable for all to own

Home Savvy brings a unique way to affordably own in the city

Removing all barriers to home ownership enabling you to stop the cycle of renting and own today

We create a unique structure for those who want to enjoy all the cost advantages of co-buying without the hassle
By co-owning you can drop your down payment requirement and monthly mortgage costs far below your rent!

You could own a home far sooner than expected regardless of high home prices

We enable you to legally and risk-free co-own a home with a friend or friendly housemate
Enabling you to turn your monthly rent costs to cheaper ownership payments that build equity

How it Works


Home Savvy creates a special structure that enables you to enjoy all the benefits of co-buying a home with a friend such as affordability, without the hassles


Our structure mitigates potential issues of co-buying and co-owning from security, to reselling your home back to the market and mortgage or co-owner issues that may arise in rare circumstances


We use the most reputable partnering brokerages, banks, lawyers and mortgage partners, the same way homes are purchased today, ensuring safety, trust, and convenience


Own a home sooner then planned and stop renting today. Save a significant amount of money with Home Savvy and own with a lot less in the most desirable part of town


When do you expect to own your first home? 

Security and Convenience

We work with experienced real estate brokers, lawyers, mortgage providers ensuring trust and security of your home buying experience

Our team has 30 years of real estate experience brokering over $700 million of real estate and managed over 500 units of rental housing
Our co-buying process is based on 30 years of experience without seeing a single default on a co-owned home mortgage

Home Savvy’s unique home structure mitigates issues with co-buying


So if one owner experiences financial trouble or defaults your
credit and you are not affected
Our no obligation concierge is here to educate you on how to get the most affordable mortgage and help you every step of the way free.

Free Concierge Service by Home Savvy – Sign Up Now

Let our trusted professionals help you understand how you can own now

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